May 12th 2017 - Look for these symptoms to tell if your brake pads might be going out.

May 4th 2017 - With a heavy-duty vehicle like the Land Cruiser, your brake parts are important. Learn all about them here.

February 14th 2017 - The debate between OEM and aftermarket is severely ongoing, and at the end of the day, it’s your judgment on whether you want to bargain your budget or your vehicle’s livelihood.

February 10th 2017 - Replacement car parts are inevitable in your lifetime as a car owner. Extreme conditions prevail, accidents happen and the normal wear and tear of a vehicle adds up. Discount Parts Monster makes it easy to substitute parts, including Lexus OEM replacement parts.

January 26th 2017 - Taking care of your luxury vehicle is a must. When it comes to Lexus, the equipment you use to replace broken or malfunctioning parts requires in-depth scrutiny. Luckily, Lexus OEM parts are easy to come by and will help you to not break the bank while fixing your car.

January 19th 2017 - Planning on keeping you Toyota running more smoothly than ever in 2017? You have come to the right place. Today, we discuss all the ways to keep an eye on your vehicle so that you can keep it out of the shop and which Toyota discount parts are easiest to replace on your own.

January 12th 2017 - A tune up is scheduled sweep of all maintenance items that are to be examined throughout your vehicle’s lifetime. Tune ups are important- think of them like the physical exam for the human body.

January 3rd 2017 - Toyota is notoriously one of the most reliable car manufacturers in the world- a status coveted by most of the auto industry. You are probably familiar with the most reliable Toyota models, such as the Camry and the Corolla.

December 22th 2016 - At the dealership, you get OEM car parts. They are reliable, brand spanking new and probably run a little (sometimes a lot) higher in the price range. Aftermarket car parts are more common when you take your car into to an independent servicer. These parts are created outside of a dealership and are less expensive, but often suit the situation more than sufficiently.

December 15th 2016 - New Year, New You, what’s on the to-do list? At Discount Parts Monster, we are all about the Acura accessories for 2017’s go-to auto appeal. Adding your own touches to your Acura makes it yours, even when it's those teeny finishes of which only you can feel the difference. Dress it up, strip it down, make your Acura yours.

December 12th 2016 - Cars are serious, complex machines. We certainly cannot be expected to understand perfectly how they operate, but as owners, we ought to at least know the basic car parts, their functions, and how they contribute to the vehicle’s livelihood.

November 28th 2016 - One promising venture seems to be with tires. Right now, exploring eco-friendly tires. It might be only one part, but imagine all the tires on the road replaced and what an overall impact that could have on the auto industry’s environmental footprint.

November 21th 2016 - Not all parts are best off in a used condition. Sometimes, handing over the higher payment to your dealer is worth every bit of hassle you would assume in finding the part elsewhere.

November 14th 2016 - Car companies are integrating some pretty impressive connectable technology into their cars. Here is a look at some of the new ways that cars are utilizing Internet of Things applications in new models.

November 7th 2016 - Here are the best car tech accessories that you need to take a look at to customize your car.

October 25th 2016 - Whether you’re looking for chrome spinners or prefer the more traditional look of alloy rims, there are plenty of Toyota wheels and discount Toyota OEM parts available at Discount Parts Monster.

October 18th 2016 - You have finally had it with your old car that is costing you an arm and a leg to fix up every couple of weeks. You have too many miles on it, doesn’t fit your lifestyle anymore or just looking to upgrade your vehicle now that you can afford it.

October 11th 2016 - The 2017 Lexus IS is the updated third-generation sports sedan and its looks fall more closely in line with the rest of the Lexus models like the GS sedan and the RC sports coupe.

October 6th 2016 - Toyota released the first Prius model in Japan in 1997 and after a very warm welcome by consumers, the company decided to launch the revolutionary hybrid vehicle worldwide in 2000.

October 4th 2016 - You’ve more than likely already heard the only real constant in life is change. Of course, that applies to lots of different things including your car.

September 20th 2016 - You bought the Acura RDX that you’ve had your eye on for months and you want to find a good source for Acura discount parts and auto accessories to pimp up your ride.

September 16th 2016 - Today, we’ll look at Toyota New Global Architecture innitiative. TNGA has a billion dollar plan to create a new manufacturing site in Mexico City. What does it mean for Toyota parts? Read more!.

September 6th 2016 - Today, we’ll look at some of the signs Lexus owners should keep in mind for these two parts to make sure that we all stay safe on the road and our vehicles stay in mint condition.

March 8th 2016 - There has always been a question about whether OEM or “original equipment manufacturer” parts are better than after-market parts. Here are several things to consider when you need to buy parts for your vehicle.

March 8th 2016 - Boosting fuel economy is a goal of virtually every driver. If you’re not ready to trade in your vehicle, but you do want to see significant increases in fuel efficiency then these original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts are for you.

March 8th 2016 - When shopping for car parts the terms OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and after-market are the ones you'll hear most often. Here is a brief overview of each and how to know which to choose.

March 8th 2016 - Modifying your new car with performance parts won't automatically void its warranty, but it could cost you, if you’re not careful.

Jan 26th 2016 - If you are like everybody else who is tired of rising gas prices, but can't afford to jump on the latest hybrid trend, you may be looking for ways to improve your car's fuel efficiency.

Jan 19th 2016 - If you like to increase the power to the wheel when you hit the gas peddal, you need to know which parts are paramount to increase the horsepower of your car.

Jan 12th 2016 - Having a car that looks good and performs well are key to keeping street cred, but staying out of trouble is most important. Check out which performance parts can put you on a cop's radar.

Jan 5th 2016 - With so many parts out there, how do you ever figure out which are the best performance parts to make your car actually faster. Check out this blog for a definitive guide.