Top Car Gadgets to Enhance Your Ride

With smart and connected cars dominating the roads today, all the rage is technology and how it can enhance the driving experience. Manufacturers are careful not to sacrifice any performance or comfort when it comes to loading their cars with the most advanced car technology available. Here are the best car tech accessories that you need to take a look at to customize your car.

Smartphone remote start and unlock systems- since most Americans carry a smartphone today, why not eliminate the need to carry your keys around with you? Now there are apps (either 3rd party or from the manufacturers) that allow owners to remotely start their car and unlock/lock from their smartphones. If you are like any other car owner who hates when it is incredibly hot out and your car has been basking in the sun for a while, then you may want to look into this. With the push of a button on the app, you can start your car and get that A/C cranking before you even set foot outside. You can also control the locks with your phone in the event that you do not want to carry your keys with you into places like a sporting event or the gym. Or in case you accidentally locked your keys in the car, which is something that every car owner has done at least once.

LED Lights- while many cars now come standard with LED headlights to enhance the vision of the driver at night, have you thought about upgrading to LED lights for the interior lights as well. Switching out those old dim lights will really make a difference when you need it most. The bulbs that are available on the market now are longer lasting, sturdy and incredibly bright to help the driver, other cars on the road and the passengers inside the car.

GoPro- Never miss an unforgettable moment with family, friends or whoever may be along for the ride by investing in a GoPro and dashboard mount. Some of the greatest memories take place in the car on road trips and now you will be able to keep them on film forever. Also, if you enjoy capturing the scenery driving through this beautiful country, a GoPro is perfect for capturing each sight from the riders’ perspective in stunning 4K UHD videos and pictures. GoPro’s were once viewed as only useful for action sports enthusiasts but whatever your passion is, let GoPro capture it with you.

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