Rookie Guide to Buying Used Car Parts

Buying auto parts from your dealer is secure and reliable, but sometimes, it isn't possible. Learning to navigate the market for rare, expensive and replacement parts takes a little bit of time, but it saves you so much money in the end.

Before you go running to an unknown address that you found on Craigslist, soak in some insight from experts who have been scavenging the nation for the best parts on deals for decades.

Not all parts are best off in a used condition. Sometimes, handing over the higher payment to your dealer is worth every bit of hassle you would assume in finding the part elsewhere. There are also ways to go about buying- the research you conduct beforehand, the verification of the vendor, when to meet in person, etc. Check out our master tips below to get up to speed on which parts to buy used and how to buy them best.

These car parts are generally safe to buy used:

  1. Alternator. Using a rebuilt alternator is an awesome way to save money. Replacing is simple and keeps your battery capacity at optimal function.

  2. Interior Parts. Definitely explore used parts for interior pieces like floor mats, steering wheel or car seats. You will be surprised at how many of these parts are available in your local area.

  3. Mirrors. Mirrors can cost close to $200 to replace! Definitely scope out used replacements.

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