Which Performance Parts Increase Gas Mileage?

Which Performance Parts Increase Gas Mileage?

If you are like everybody else who is tired of rising gas prices, but can't afford to jump on the latest hybrid trend, you may be looking for ways to improve your car's fuel efficiency. The good news is that there are several performance parts that can be purchased for most cars that will help you gain a few extra miles per gallon, which can save you hundreds of dollars over the course of a year.

Air Filters

You should be changing your air filter on a regular basis anyway, but if you have underestimated the importance of this simple task, now is the time to pay attention. The air filter dictates how well your engine is able to breathe. If it is unable to get enough air through the intake, your fuel will burn less completely, and your overall performance will suffer. Most air filters are relatively inexpensive, so this is a tip that even the most budget conscious can follow. 

Spark Plugs and Wires

This is another simple maintenance step that you can do to improve your gas mileage. Most auto manufacturers recommend that you replace your plugs and wires at major mileage intervals, so this shouldn't come as a big surprise. Spark plugs are the key to igniting the fuel and air mixture in your cylinders and, if the plugs are gummed up or damaged, that spark may not be doing enough for your engine. Check your plugs to see if the tips are coated in oil, heavily discolored or bent out of shape. Even a tiny bit of damage to the tip can cause a significant loss of power or misfiring in your engine.


Tires are one of the performance parts that can have a big impact on the way your car handles and how it burns fuel. Under or overinflated tires can affect how much friction your car encounters with the road surface. They are designed to be at a specific fill weight to maximize efficiency and safety while you drive. In addition, if your alignment is off, your tires may wear unevenly and cause further reduction in fuel efficiency as your car struggles to stay in line. 


Modern cars rely on a number of different sensors to regulate their operation. This includes the mass airflow sensor, oxygen sensor and others. If you see signs that these sensors are beginning to show their age, it may be time to replace them. Bad connections and faulty internal circuitry can mean that your car is misreading the actual conditions that it is driving in. This means it will be adjusting to false readings and costing you money.

All of these performance parts are easily accessible and can be replaced by someone with nominal mechanical skills. In truth, you should already be taking care of your filters, tires and spark plugs according to your manufacturer's recommendations. Keeping your engine in top-operating condition is the best way to improve your fuel efficiency with simple performance parts upgrades.

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