A Used Lexus Doesn’t Lose Luxury

You have finally had it with your old car that is costing you an arm and a leg to fix up every couple of weeks. You have too many miles on it, doesn’t fit your lifestyle anymore or just looking to upgrade your vehicle now that you can afford it. Whatever the reason may be, there are plenty of options for you to consider when deciding on your next car. Many people like the option of leasing or buying a new car, but some feel that a new car is an overpriced option for what you are getting when there are plenty of used vehicles on the market. An estimated 40 million used cars exchange ownership each year, which means that you can find the perfect match for what you are looking for. While you may be a bit hesitant on purchasing a used car, there are some crucial tips to help you make sure that you are not only getting a good deal, but also a reliable car.

There are some brands on the market that have a strong reputation for producing reliable, long-lasting vehicles and some companies that have a weaker reputation. One such brand that has developed a very positive reputation for producing quality vehicles, luxury at that, that last a long time and require very little maintenance when taken care of properly and that is Lexus. Perhaps you have always wanted to own a luxury import vehicle but never wanted to spend the money on a brand new one, when you buy a used Lexus you can have the best of both worlds; luxury and affordability. Lexus, a branch of Toyota, began producing luxury vehicles in the mid-1980s and by the early 1990s became one of the highest-selling import brands in America. With over 10 model lines to choose from, Lexus has a car to fit any budget and lifestyle.

Tips for buying a used Lexus

  • Model- first thing after you decided to go ahead with finding the perfect used Lexus is to decide on which model you want/need. This is the time for you to sit down and evaluate just exactly what you need. If you are thinking about starting a family in the near future, maybe you should consider an SUV for safety and size. If you are living the single life and have no need for lots of room, maybe you can get away with a sedan or even a convertible (if you live some place that you can take advantage of it). Whatever your needs are, consider what you need now and what you may need in a few years, otherwise you may end up regretting your decision.

  • Budget- deciding which model may be a better decision to leave until after you decide on how much you are looking to spend. Regardless, the rule of thumb is that your car payment should be no more than 20% of your monthly income. If you have your heart set on a particular model but it may be out of your price range, look for the same model that is a little bit older or has more miles on it. With a quality brand like Lexus, you can sacrifice a year or two in age or a few more miles to get what you want. Once you figure out what model and what price you can afford, the list of available cars becomes significantly smaller for you.

  • CPO- the next way to narrow your list of options down even further is to find all the Certified Pre-Owned models available. CPO’s are inspected by experts and put through a variety of tests to ensure that there are no problems with the car that affect the overall performance and maintenance. Knowing the car you end up choosing has earned the right to be called a CPO can put your mind at ease knowing that no surprises will arise. Sure you’ll end up with some routine maintenance costs and repairs associated with natural wear and tear, but no major issues will be present in a CPO when you buy it.

  • History Report- knowing the history of your car is vitally important. While CPO Lexus comes with a history report, if you buy from a private seller you should request documentation that shows the accident history, major alterations, past mechanical issues and parts that have been worked on or replaced. This will let you know just how well the car was taken care. You want to be wary if the car has been in a major accident that compromised the frame or anything else or if any of the main components have had extensive repair work done because they can be weak points in your used cars’ longevity. Knowing which parts may cause future problems or parts that have recently been replaced so that they won’t be future problems will definitely help in your decision-making.

  • Mechanic- if you have the luxury of being able to have an independent mechanic inspect the vehicle, do so. Even if the car you are considering is a CPO, knowing that one more expert has gone through the car and made sure that nothing is wrong will give you even more confidence in your purchase.

  • Drive- this should be the last step before negotiating a price. You will want to make sure that it is exactly the car you want. You’ve done your research and made sure that everything checks out with the car and now you have to be confident that you will want to drive it for the foreseeable future. Buying a car is usually the second biggest investment that people make.

  • Price and Paperwork- you may have an opportunity to negotiate price depending upon what similar cars have sold for and if any cosmetic or minor repairs need to be done to the car. This is a delicate operation because if this car has made it all the way through your inspection process, you can almost be that other buyers will be interested as well. You should already know that that car is within your price range, so if the seller is firm on the price, then seal the deal, sign the necessary paperwork and enjoy your Lexus.

These steps will help ensure that you are getting the best used Lexus that matches what you are looking for. Throughout the life of your Lexus, you can bet that you will have to purchase repair parts for small or big things that need to be fixed. You can find all the repair parts, even front panel and fender liner grommets (90189-06150), you need for any model of Lexus at Discount Parts Monster. Visit http://www.discountpartsmonster.com/javascript: openVehiclePickerRedirect(lexus, null, null, null, null, null) to find the parts you need for your used Lexus.