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​OEM Parts vs. After-Market Parts

OEM Parts vs. After-Market Parts

When looking for automotive parts, there is no shortage of sellers, resellers, and repair shops. Along with deciding from whom to buy your parts, you also have to figure out what types of parts to buy. When shopping for car parts the terms OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and after-market are the ones you'll hear most often. 

Here is a brief overview of each and how to know which to choose.

After-Market Parts

After-market parts are made by a wide variety of different manufacturers. These parts are often reverse engineered versions of existing OEM parts designed to fit specific makes and models. There’s a great deal of after-market parts in the marketplace and they're easy to find. 

While  after-market parts are often inexpensive there are some drawbacks. Quality is not consistent and a cheap part may be a low-quality part. Also, the sheer volume of options available can make it hard to tell a good part from a bad one without a lot of research. They also typically come with very short warranty periods, if a warranty is included at all.

OEM Parts

OEM parts are branded parts made by your car’s manufacturer or a company under their specific direction. When buying original equipment manufacturer parts, you are purchasing equipment that is crafted to meet the design specifications of the car’s manufacturer. 

When buying an OEM part, you are getting an exact replica of the old part it's replacing. These parts are often one size fits all, eliminating the need for brand research. With an OEM part, you know exactly how the car is going to perform when it is installed, and this can be very important for essential parts such as brakes. Plus, if an issue does arise, OEM parts come with a manufacturer's warranty.   

What Parts Should You Choose?

In choosing a car part, the key thing to take into consideration is quality. A cheaper after-market part may save you money in the short term, but it can create several long-term issues. As after-market parts are reverse manufactured (and in many cases altered), they may not necessarily match the exact specifications from your automobile’s manufacturer. In some cases, this results in a part that never works quite right. It may not fit correctly, it may make noise, or the performance may not match up to the way the car performed in the past.

Aside from performance issues, you also have the question of how long a cheaper part will last. Many after-market parts are lower quality and will have to be replaced more often than the same original equipment manufacturer part and having to regularly replace cheaper parts adds up over time. 

The only way to really know you're getting a quality after-market part is to know who the original manufacturer is and their reputation. In many cases, you may not have the time or ability to find this information. This is why you should use original equipment manufacturer parts for your repair or maintenance needs. You already know that the part meets the specifications of your car’s design as per the manufacturer. Also OEM parts take the guesswork out of how long they will last, overall performance, and they come with a good warranty.    


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