All About Your Toyota Land Cruiser Brakes

Toyota’s Land Cruiser has been around for a long time. Production began in 1951. It was the company’s version of the American Jeep. The company has come a long way since then. Now Toyota can boast the Land Cruiser as its longest running model. The vehicle is reliable with plenty of longevity. It is especially popular in Australia where it happens to be the best four-wheel drive vehicle on the market. It is also popular in other parts of the world. Toyota builds the Land Cruiser to take on such terrains as the Australian Outback. What the company learns in the Outback it builds into every Toyota vehicle on the road.

Brakes in General

A brake is a mechanical device that stops an object by absorbing the energy that moves it forward. That is the scientific explanation. The general explanation is that companies design brakes to stop cars from moving. Friction is the key. The brake bad presses against the rotor with an amazing quickness of touch and release to prevent skidding. When the driver presses down on the brake pedal, a lever connect pushes down into a master cylinder filled with hydraulic fluid.

Understanding Drum Brakes

Drum brakes are a bit different than disc brakes. They are usually attached to the rear wheels. They consist of a stationary brake shoe, springs, and cables. Brake shoes have two pads that push against the drum to stop the drum’s motion. It took a number of years to develop and perfect disc brakes. Now, they are a standard for modern vehicles.

Components of a Brake

Disc brakes components include a rotor, caliper assembly, brake pads, wheel bearings, and the hardware used to mount all the component to the vehicle. There are additional hoses, tubes, and valves that funnel brake fluid to its destination. Modern brakes use hydraulic fluid. Their function is to turn applied forced into pressure. This is what amplifies the force for braking. The master cylinder converts pressure applied to the brake pedal. The cylinder feeds brake fluid into the brake’s circuit. This is all controlled by mechanical force.

When to Service Brakes

The brakes are a key element of vehicle safety, and should be serviced on a regular basis. Consider servicing your brakes with respect to the following: Personal Driving Habits – No two people drive the same. Some push their vehicles to the limit and their brakes as well. Other people will gently coast to a stop. A smooth, gradual, stop will extend the life of brakes. Abuse and sudden stops will shorten their life. Brake longevity also depends on the environment a person chooses to navigate. Driving in the city is harder on brakes than driving the open road. For obvious reasons, there is a lot more stop-go traffic. Mountainous areas can take a toll on brakes as well. Those mountain curves put a lot of pressure on the braking system. However, with experience, mountain drivers learn to brake far less than someone traveling to the mountains on a weekend adventure.

Brake Pad Trivia

The typical person may not be aware that not all brake pads have the same hardness. The industry manufactures pads according to different driver needs. Hard material brakes may last longer, but they require warming before they can perform well. These type of brakes are usually found on high-performance vehicles. Soft material brakes will perform better a lower speeds like in city areas. However, if braking applies too much heat, these type of brakes will not perform well.

Things of Interest in Hollywood, Florida

Land Cruisers inspire owners to take to the open road. In Florida, there is definitely a lot of road. Discount Parts Monster is located at 1841 North State Road 7, Hollywood, Florida. Fort Lauderdale, Davie, Hialeah, Miami, and Boca Raton are close by. If you plan on taking the Land Cruiser out for a spin, Hollywood offers a lot of attractions. Take the Broad-walk and cruise along the beach for 2.5 miles. Or, take a trolley ride and eat an amazing burger at Le Tub. The Anne Kolb Nature Center provides a perfect afternoon getaway for the entire family. Visitors and residents love to shop at the mall and family-owned stores. Restaurants serve food to suit every taste. It all evokes a vintage feel for individuals and families. One thing Floridians do not have to worry about is cold weather. On the other hand, nature does send hurricanes to the region. There are a lot of warm, sunny days in Hollywood, Florida to enjoy. With so many opportunities to drive, Land Cruiser owners should schedule their vehicle for maintenance and service on a regular basis. At Discount Parts Monster, we carry every brake part a Land Cruiser owner will ever need, regardless of the year of their vehicle. We ship orders fast so there is not long waiting period. For those who can, or for those who can pay someone to accomplish the task, we supply the brake parts and accessories Land Cruiser owners need at a reasonable price.

Why Owners Love the Land Cruiser

For decades, people have identified the Land Cruiser as an all-terrain vehicle that gets the job done. They also love the vehicle’s safety features which include airbags, parking sensors, rearview cameras, stability control, tire pressure monitors, and anti-lock braking that suits on and off-road scenarios. They also favor the seating arrangements, especially in the newer models that can seat up to seven people. The vehicle is great for carpooling and shuttling families to and from destinations. Safety is always on the mind of consumers. It is also on the mind of Toyota when they engineer and design vehicles. Brakes are a part of the vehicle’s overall safety mission. If you own a Land Cruiser, make sure you schedule for periodic inspection and maintenance. You can also make sure the parts and accessories you buy come with a warranty as well. We cover you at Discount Parts Monster.