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Accessorise your Acura

New Year, New You, what’s on the to-do list? At Discount Parts Monster, we are all about the Acura accessories for 2017’s go-to auto appeal.

Adding your own touches to your Acura makes it yours, even when it's those teeny finishes of which only you can feel the difference.

Dress it up, strip it down, make your Acura yours.

Here are all of the best Acura car accessories:


  • All-season Floor Mats. If you’ve ever made the mistake of not investing in all-season floor mats, then you know the pain of a consistently dirty, swampy backseat. All-season mats eliminate your inclination to hyperventilate watching boots track up into your car. They trap and hold all the dirt, mud, snow and sand that comes washing off from the great outdoors.

  • Cargo Cover. A cargo cover can be very helpful when you are parked and have valuables in the trunk. Enjoy the peace of mind while you are inside watching a game, working or doing some shopping.

  • Cargo Liner. Liner is an awesome investment because it protects the floor, sides, and backs of your second row seats against everyday wear and tear. It is hard to notice the effects of regular use one day at a time. But give it nine months of soccer practices and road trips and suddenly, your car looks filthy, even after cleanings. Liner makes sure that the real cargo isn’t filthy (or filthy looking) at all.

  • Cargo Net. The cargo net makes staying organized so much easier! Stuff equipment that you use regularly but don’t want banging around the trunk all day. You can also use the net to items in place that tend to spill make a mess, e.g. grocery bags.

  • First-aid kit. Okay, seriously, this isn’t mean to bore you and you would be surprised at home many car owners drive without one! Not only is it the safe choice, but passengers are always completely impressed when they run into a paper cut and superhero you happens to have Band-Aids in the first-aid box.

  • Heated Steering Wheel. Now if you dreamt of being born into royalty, but you were born into peasants, seek here for your fulfillment of fate. There is no greater relief in fifteen degrees on your way to work than a steering wheel that heats up and sends warmth through your hands to the rest of your body.

  • Second Row Seat Covers. Seat covers offer a way to change up your car’s style while adding loads of protection to the upholstery of your seating. Don’t fret over spills and stains- it’s just the cover!

  • Sun Shade


  • Alloy Wheels. Allow wheels for Acura come in Berlina Black and Dark Chrome. Both offer a completely upgraded and sophisticated look to the vehicle.

  • Crossbars. Crossbars lay the foundation for any of your adventure-bound attachment pieces on the roof.

  • Door Edge Guards. The guards are all about protection, which is an accessory of its own! Taking care of your car is all about pride and possession and that’s certainly a quality to flaunt. Door edge guards will reduce nicks and scrapes that come out of pocket down the road.

  • Kayak Attachment. Forget worrying about whether your ratchet straps are secure- place your kayak into its specifically made attachment piece.

  • LED Fog Lights. Poor weather? Dense fog? Can’t see? No problem, turn the fog lights on.

  • Moonroof Visor. The visor lends a certain credibility to cars on the road with its decidedly sporty aesthetic. But it the visor will also protect you from the sun’s glare and wind’s volume when your moonroof is open.

  • Rear Bumper Appliqué. The appliqué offers extra protection during loading or unloading of the trunk.

  • Roof Mount Bike Attachment. Bring you bike wherever your headed; it’ll sit upright, secure on the roof of your car.

  • Roof Rails. Roof rails pairs with crossbars to make sure items are securely fastened as attachments.

  • Short Roof Box. The roof box frees up space in your vehicle on those long road trips and ensures weather-protected storage up top.

  • Snowboard or Ski Attachment. Slot your snow sport of choice into these secure and convenient roof attachments.

  • Sport Step Running Boards. Add an intermediate step your running boards to make piling in and out of the car easier for passengers.

  • Trailer Hitch Mount Bike. If you’ve got several attachments up top or just prefer the convenience of a trailer hitch placement, go the bike mount attachment at the back.

  • Trailer Hitch. Opt for a trailer hitch to tow up to 5,000 pounds. Fishing trip, anyone?


  • Back-up Sensors. Back-up sensors should probably be standard for the half the drivers out there. It’s easy to get distracted when backing up- checking for pedestrians, for other vehicles, making sure you don’t hit the garage on your way out, etc. Sensors alert you if you are getting close to an obstacle that was behind you or out of sight.

  • Engine Block Heater. If you live in a cold climate or plan to travel to the snow throughout the winter, we highly recommend an engine block heater. The heater speeds up the time it takes to start your car, which makes the initial engine start and shift onto the road much more tolerable. This one little part can save you a lot of cold mornings.

  • Parking Sensors. We’ve all had those parking experiences where we need our passenger to hop out of the car and you the traffic controller signals to ease us into a tight spot. But we don’t always have passengers! For those times, there are parking sensors to facilitate our maneuvering in and out of tight spaces, making sure we don’t place bumper cars with fellow Acuras (or others!).

Genuine Acura accessories are made specifically for Acura vehicles so that they complement each vehicle both mechanically and aesthetically. All parts are made to exceeding standards and tested to ensure superior durability and reliability.

With so many accessories to choose from, how will you personalize your Acura to fit your 2017 style? To scope out the options and get the best-priced Acura OEM accessories, check out Discount Parts Monster!