​Are OEM Parts Reliable?

Are OEM Parts Reliable?

There has always been a question about whether OEM or “original equipment manufacturer” parts are better than after-market parts. Here are several things to consider when you need to buy parts for your vehicle.

Brand Is Everything

Brand is everything when you are buying parts for your vehicle. While after-market parts may be made to the same specifications as OEM parts, the quality of the materials and workmanship may not be of the same standard. Make sure to do your research. Read reviews and ask the staff at auto parts stores, which parts have the best track record. Invariably, you’ll find that they are OEM parts.

Is the Lower Price Worth It?

For the first year or two after a vehicle goes into production, parts manufacturers sell parts solely to dealerships. After that time, they are able to distribute parts to auto parts stores so the public can purchase them as needed. After-market parts often are less expensive than OEM parts, but – again – the quality may not be the same. Is a lower price really worth taking a chance on an inferior product?

Warranties and Guarantees

Both OEM and after-market parts are generally made to the same specifications. The materials used may be somewhat different and the quality of construction can also vary. OEM parts are generally more expensive, but you are guaranteed satisfaction with your product. Unknown brands may offer a guarantee, but that won't do you much good if all of the parts you buy are sub-standard. OEM parts come with the manufacturer’s warranty and that warranty may be substantially longer than the warranty for the same after-market part.

One and done

If you are trying to fix a vehicle, you only want to have to do the job once. This means buying the highest quality part, even if you have to ignore less expensive versions of the same part. Visit jappartsmonster.com for top-quality OEM parts for Acura, Lexus, Toyota and Scion.