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Keep your Toyota running smoothly all 2017

Planning on keeping you Toyota running more smoothly than ever in 2017? You have come to the right place. Today, we discuss all the ways to keep an eye on your vehicle so that you can keep it out of the shop and which  Toyota discount parts are easiest to replace on your own. 

Attend your scheduled services. Life gets busy and budgets get tight, but do not take out your stress on your scheduled services. It is incredibly important to have your Toyota professional scanned and serviced, if needed. All of the elements in this list will be surveyed and corrected, and you will receive a comprehensive understanding of your vehicle’s well-being. 

Change your fuel filter. The fuel filter serves a purpose similar to that of the air filter, so keeping the fuel filter clean and fresh is important. Dirty filters cause drivability issues when they start to restrict the flow of fuel or start to allow pollutants to get into the fuel injectors. If contaminants get into your fuel supply, damage can be vast and costly.  

Change your serpentine belt. Changing your serpentine belt is a good way to keep your Toyota running smoothly through the year. You can change the belt yourself quickly and easily- seriously, in just minutes! The serpentine belt powers all of the car’s accessories, like the water pump, AC and alternator. A new belt keeps everything operating efficiently and prevents the engine from overheating. 

Change your transmission fluid and filter. Changing your own transmission fluid and filter is an excellent way to save money in the long run and to keep your Toyota nourished. Fresh fluid keeps all vehicle components running easily and efficiently and will likely keep your vehicle alive and running well for many years beyond its expectancy. 

Check that your brakes are in tip-top shape. Beyond safety, properly functioning brakes keep your vehicle from running into further damages that could be caused by a collision with other cars or stationary objects. 

Check your tire pressure, and do not ignore mismatched numbers! Rubber is a powerful material, ready for extreme conditions. However, this does not deem them impervious to effects of the environment. Changes in pressure does not mean you’ve done anything wrong. Factors as innocent as the weather can change how full tires are. Even though you are at no blame, it is important to mind the fluctuations! Tires are your only traction to the road and therefore need to be in excellent condition. If tires become over or under inflated, traction and stability can weaken, and that is not a problem you want to risk. Although many dash boards notify drivers of shifting pressure, it’s best to keep a good pressure gauge on hand. 

Flush out your cooling system. The coolant system can fill up with gunk and corrosion too easily and when it does, the tiny holes in the radiator can get clogged and lead to overheating. Changing coolant in the system is just as important, especially if you live in a climate prone to extreme temperatures. 

Get your oil changed as suggested! An oil change is easy and cost-effective when it comes to keeping your car running smoothly. New lubricant eases the effects of friction and heat, helping to protect internal vehicle components. 

Look out for leaks. Leaks occur when too much heat builds up beneath the hood and causes engine hoses to stiffen and crack. The two main leaks to keep an eye out for are oil and antifreeze. To check for leaks, pop the hood and inspect hoses for slivers of air. Another tell-tale of a leak is any puddle of liquid beneath the car. If you spot or suspect a leak in your car, it is best to head to a mechanic for professional assistance. 

Lubricate door latches. This might be a small fix, but it is the bells and whistles for your car. Keeping exterior elements in clean shape keeps the finely tuned interior of your car well complimented. Squeaky hinges can get annoying and if you let them go for too long, the hatches grow difficult to open. Try a spray lubricant to fix this minor issue; we recommend a lithium-based grease- it is both cheap and easy. 

Replace and clean your air filter. The air filter is a cheap part of the car and consequently, it doesn’t get the credit it deserves. This small, lightweight car piece helps keep grit and dust (and other disgusting bits from the great outdoors) from getting into the car’s internal mechanics and from the air that you inhale through the vents. Letting an air filter clog up will slowly start to impact the quality of oxygen in the car and the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Think of the filters like healthy lungs. The less junk with which they are lined, the better you can operate. The fresher the filters are in your car, the more efficiently the engine can run. Filters can be replaced for as little as $20. If you want to be extra fuel efficient and environmentally conscious, opt for a high-flow, washable filter. 

Replace your  spark plugs. Essential to your engine, replacing plug wires is often recommended by manufacturers. Spark-plug wires conduct tens of thousands of volts of electricity, so you want to ensure that each wire is fresh and in good shape. Changing your plugs is a good idea if you are up for a challenge or if your vehicle is already in the shop. These conductors usually only need to be changed every 100,000 miles, so that should keep you from needing to perform the difficult task too often.

Rotate your tires. Rotating tires adds to the number of miles your tires can last, which keeps your vehicle operating smoothly and saves you money down the line. If you loosen the lug nuts with socket or tire iron and use a good jack to keep the car up, tire rotation is a doable, hands-on task. Make sure to change every tire! 

Wash your car. We aren’t just saying this so you look fresh behind the wheel. Allowing dirt and bugs and who knows what else build up on your car creates a build-up in the vents and eventually, causes wax and paint to chip away. 

For all the work you opt to complete independently, Discount Parts Monster can provide you with all the discount OEM Toyota  parts you need. Give our team a shout if you have any questions or concerns while you order Toyota parts online, and best of luck keeping your car in great shape this year!