Which Performance Parts Increase Horsepower?

Adding more horsepower to your ride will unlock the ability to accelerate faster and carry more weight. There are a number of performance parts available for anyone to quickly and easily add to their car on their own. 

The most common horsepower enhancing parts start with air filters and exhaust modifications, but can also include changes to the electronic monitoring systems and ignition devices in your engine. The good news is that almost all of these parts are easily accessible for the average person and only require the removal of a few bolts to replace.

Performance Air Filters

Air filters keep your engine clean while also controlling the amount of air that is coming into the system. The better your engine can breathe, the more power you will have. Several companies manufacture high performance air filters including reusable mesh filters and other designs that are engineered for maximum airflow and service life. 

Cold Air Intake

Another entry in the airflow category is the addition of a cold air intake system. These systems are designed based on the fact that cold air is denser than hot air, so it will produce extra power and burn more evenly than warmer air. Some cold air intake systems provide up to three times as much filter intake area for air to flow through, and will generally direct air to your engine in a straighter path with less resistance than a standard intake system.

High Flow Cat-Back Exhausts

These exhaust systems feature a wider diameter pipe, and replace your stock muffler. In addition they work with a high-flow catalytic converter to reduce back pressure on your engine. Just like the extra air flow coming in helps your engine burn fuel better, the smooth exit of exhaust gases completes the cycle with additional power. 

Superchargers & Turbochargers

These two systems operate slightly differently from one another, but they share a single goal: compressing air to improve your engine's performance. Even a cold air intake can only improve airflow so much on its own. A supercharger or turbocharger will force air through under power. These devices provide the greatest boost to horsepower of all the performance parts available. The supercharger is known for its immediate response and ease of installation. On the other hand, turbochargers are known for being more efficient and taking advantage of wasted power in the exhaust line. 


Most stock cars these days come with computers programmed to keep them within certain emissions performance standards, fuel-to-air ratios, and ignition times. However, if you are hunting for performance parts, an upgraded chip or computer can boost your horsepower and overall performance with the swap of a single little black box under the hood. 

There are lots of ways to increase horsepower, but the biggest factors are those that affect your airflow into and out of the engine. Start by choosing performance parts that increase your intake and exhaust flow, and then look into the more complicated electronics that will do the rest. Of course, superchargers and turbochargers are available in abundance and make an instantaneous difference in the way your car accelerates. 

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