Which Performance Parts Are Illegal?

Every car enthusiast wants their car to be the biggest and baddest in town. Louder pipes, brighter lights and lower stances are all part of the game. Unfortunately, many performance parts have been deemed illegal in certain jurisdictions. Before you begin making major alterations to your vehicle, consider whether any of these mods could earn you a ticket in the future.

Window Tint

Window tint gives your car a mean and mysterious look and it can reduce the glare from sunshine and oncoming lights late at night. In most places, a 35% tint is legal and acceptable, but anything in the 20% or lower range is too dark. While most officers won't be out looking for cars with illegal window tint, they won't hesitate to tack it on if you are already pulled over for speeding or something else.

Exhaust Modifications

New exhaust kits are one of the most desirable performance parts on the market, offering both a boost in power and noise. However, exhaust systems cause more than one problem in the community. If you are receiving regular noise complaints, or if an officer witnesses you making the infamous challenging gesture of revving your engine next to a competitor's car, you are sure to get a ticket. Plus, most exhaust systems change the way your car handles emissions, so states that require smog testing will likely fail your vehicle at your next test interval. 


Colored HID lights, undercarriage rope lights and LEDs in the wheels are all trendy these days. Blue, green, pink and other colors have been added to make cars stand out while driving down the road. Be aware that most HID lights in any color other than white are likely to earn you unwanted attention. Flashing LEDs and rope lights in your wheels and along your undercarriage are also considered an unwanted distraction on the road. 

Lifting and Lowering Kits

No full-body mod would be complete without a lift or lowering kit installed. It isn't uncommon to see trucks lifted and sports cars slammed to the ground. Check your local guidelines before you buy the performance parts necessary for this project. Most municipalities have a specified range at which your car is considered safe. This is typically measured from the ground to the center of your headlights. The intent is to ensure that, in case of an accident, bumper to bumper contact is maintained as much as possible to reduce injuries. Further consideration is usually given to whether or not the height modification affects your car's turning radius and rubber contact with the road on your tires. 

The most important thing to remember about adding performance parts to your car is to be respectful to other drivers. While some places are extremely strict about their laws when it comes to auto alterations, most of the time officers won't harass you if you aren't bothering the people around you. But if you are driving in an unsafe manner or deliberately doing something to call attention to yourself, they will stop you and take the time out to actually measure your ride height or check your window tint. 

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